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I believe the best one yet is:
"If Popeye wants his arms back, he's going to have to wait until October"
Mark McGwire - No Fear
 Fear not the gun, but the hole it makes - No Fear
 Dispose of your fear, Give it to your opponent
Motorcycles: No Airbags, No Seatbelts, No Doors, NO FEAR
Karate: It's not just a sport, it's SURVIVAL! No Fear
Limits were made to be broken-No Fear
For Every battle, there's a price to pay. (Now pick up your teeth and go home)-No Fear
Hit and Run. It's no accident (Think Baseball)
Been scared shitless lately? No Fear dangerous sports gear.
The meek may INHERIT the earth, they just better stay the hell off the TRACK
I am not scared. I am not afraid. I am an Animal and I will eat you if I have to - NO FEAR
Don't be such a PUSSY - NO Fear
SLEEP, I'll get all the sleep I need after I'm DEAD!
No Scars, No Scrapes, No PROOF
All men are great in their dreams... REALITY just narrows the competition.
The View from SECOND place
To Achieve,we must First Attempt
Never,never,never Give UP
Fear doesn't paralize... It KILLS.
Only Those Who Dare To Lose... WIN
One SECOND could mean SECOND
Under this hat there is a Predator
You Die Trying or You Just Die.
Fear is no Opposition. It's Pay Back
The shortest point between two lines, will ALWAYS be a straight line.
A champion is one who gets up, EVEN when he can't!
 It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.
FEAR - There goes that F-Word again
Wherever the fear may be. Poke it in the eyes.
Championship game, 4th and goal, Time left 0:01 Down by Six NO FEAR
FEAR - Just another four letter word
If you're scared, get a DOG - No Fear
No Fear - Put your HEART into it.
Fears DIVIDE us, DREAMS unite us.
Been there, wrecked that - No Fear
Beaten Paths, are for Beaten MEN
DEATH is natures way of telling you to SLOW DOWN
LIVING - It's the only thing worth dying for.
Look at DANGER and laugh your head off - No Fear
The best glimpse of HEAVEN, is on the way to HELL - No Fear
If you ask yourself WHY?, you have no place here.
Losing is for those who are AFRAID to RISK everything, to WIN.
 Second Place is the First Loser
Perception: You Fought Really Hard for Second Place
Reality: You Were The Fastest Loser
There are those who are born scared, afraid and not willing to show some balls or guts.
Let the ASSKICKING Commence
You must always push the limits, because if you never FAIL, you will never SUCCEED.
It's not the PACE of life that concerns me, it's the sudden STOP at the end.
No Lines, No Lifts, No Tracks, NO FEAR
The Price of Living is Dying. Everybody Pays.
JUMP THIS. No Fear Bungee Team.
You do not GREET Death, You PUNCH him in the throat repeatedly until he drags you away.
At 200 MPH, You Have No Friends.
Never let your FEARS stand in the way of your DREAMS
We take these RISKS, not to escape life, but to PREVENT life from escaping us.
The distinctive markings of a PREDATOR. It can smell your fear, sense a coward, and preys on the weak
and the elderly.
 Live Free or DIE.
He who dies with the most toys, STILL DIES
The older I get the better I WAS
It's not that life's too SHORT. It's just that you're dead for so LONG.
Reality, Is In Fact Virtual
You Miss 100% of the Shots you don't TAKE
Commitment isn't the TIME you spend. It's the line you CROSS.
Precious FEW are born with it... even FEWER know what to do with it.
Face your FEARS. Live Your DREAMS.
If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much SPACE.
There is no RISK involved if you're GOOD.
You can PRACTICE...PRACTICE...PRACTICE... I will Still Beat You!
Nothing is more painful than REGRET!
Losing is not an Option - No Fear
STONGER, FASTER, YOUNGER and I practice while you sleep
Five seconds left, at the three point line, down by two 5...4...3...2...1 - No Fear
If it were just about ATTITUDE, everyone would have it.
PAIN is Temporary... PRIDE lasts Forever.
You either walk away with respect, OR you just walk away.
I'VE NEVER LOST (I've Just Been A Little Behind When time Ran Out)
Are You Afraid to DIE?, or Just Afraid to LIVE?
A Man is only as BIG as the Dreams he DARES to LIVE.
Been There done that... Have the T-Shirt
Those who KNOW, can't explain. Those who DON'T, cannot understand.
"Does not play well with others", it seems 'OTHERS' have a problem with losing.
Give BLOOD, play HOCKEY - No Fear
Everybody Dies -  It's how you live that makes you different.
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